Patient Centered Health Management®

Centric Health Resources was created to provide comfort, care, and a better quality of life to patients challenged by rare, chronic illnesses.

As the pioneer of a revolutionary specialty-pharmacy, direct-distribution model, we are effectively narrowing the gap that previously existed between drug manufacturers, patients with rare and chronic genetic disorders, providers, and payers. By actively addressing the specialized health care needs of individuals who suffer from “orphan” diseases, we’ve created health care programs to bring patient populations the therapeutic advancements they deserve.

Our relentless pursuit of the patient-centered goal also benefits the efforts of manufacturers, providers and payers that are participating in this journey to take health care to higher levels of efficiency.


Centric Health Resources is the exclusive provider of the PROLASTIN DIRECT® program for patients with alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency in the United States. We are proud to care for the largest identified group of patients with alpha-1 in the U.S. through this program.

Prolastin DIRECT

Watch The Prolastin Direct Story
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Watch The Prolastin Direct Story

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Since we know one solution does not fit all, let’s talk about you. Are You a:


When you’ve been diagnosed with an uncommon disease and feel like the world is spinning out of control, turn to us. We are solely focused on your unique challenges.



Taking good care of those that care for others is foundational to our approach. We alsoknow it leads to better delivery of medicine – and better outcomes.



Serving ultra-orphan patients is unlike anything else in the pharmaceutical industry. Let us show you how to adapt and thrive - not just survive - in this new marketplace.