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Practicing a patient-centric approach isn't just good business, it's the right thing to do. Of patients challenged by ultra-orphan diseases, 77% indicate that their rare ailments are a burden to both themselves and their families, and 32% say it is extreme. That's why we've created a culture dedicated to serving the unique needs of these individuals by directly connecting them with pharmaceutical manufacturers, healthcare providers and payers.

Direct Distribution Model

thought leadership

Our unique direct distribution model is more than high-tech; it's high-touch. Serving the specialized needs of ultra-orphan patients is unlike any other challenge in the pharmaceutical industry. Centric Health Resources challenges the traditional approaches of large product portfolio providers that cater to more prevalent patient populations by focusing solely on a small list of rare chronic markets. We've built our service model by focusing on ultra-orphan patients and their specific needs. By combining people-first service opportunities with advanced technologies, we provide a higher-level experience to our patients which results in strong loyalty, customer retention and adherence to therapy. Additionally, by only servicing these types of patient populations, we understand the unique needs and issues related to these small, "high-touch" patient populations. And because we have developed a unique expertise in the skill of high-touch services, manufacturers look to us to provide these services on an individualized basis. Resources such as patient assistance, health management and our reimbursement hub meet the unique needs of specific therapies, executed with the same high-touch, dedicated focus that is characteristic of all Centric services.

When it comes to fully integrated patient services, how we bring it all together is what sets us apart. We offer the benefits of a fully integrated distribution and patient services model, including distribution, reimbursement hub, specialty pharmacy, nursing, health management and/or compliance program, patient registry services, training and co-marketing, with a dedicated focus on ultra-orphan disorders. This approach significantly reduces transaction and shipping costs, and eliminates the management challenges of multiple vendors. Communication, time utilization, decisions, attention to detail, focus and relationships are all enhanced in an integrated model in which one team is managing the order from receiving to administration. The result? One team with one goal resulting in best-in-class industry performance.  A competitive advantage is created with a structure that is transparent, flexible and can react to changes quickly and effectively. These ideals are expressed in our facility, systems, culture, training and quality programs.


Centric Health Resources is the exclusive provider of the PROLASTIN DIRECT® program for patients with alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency in the United States. We are proud to care for the largest identified group of patients with alpha-1 in the U.S. through this program.

Prolastin DIRECT

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Watch The Prolastin Direct Story