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A strong case for a direct distribution model.

Reimbursement pressures on the specialty drug distribution channels have created challenges for manufacturers and specialty pharmacies, driving a fundamental change toward a fee-for-service approach to specialty pharmacy distribution. While conventional specialty distribution has a focal point at the wholesaler, a direct distribution model pioneered by Centric Health Resources allows manufacturers of orphan and ultra-orphan therapies to distribute products directly to consumers.

Patients, manufacturers, providers and payers all benefit from this unique approach that has come full circle. A flexible menu of hub, specialty pharmacy, health management and FDA compliance services can be delivered in both a bundled or unbundled platform. Advantages include:

This direct distribution model, featuring an advantageous pricing platform, also provides comprehensive healthcare management services for ultra-orphan patients. Ongoing patient assessments, the development of an individual care plan between patient and physician, targeted educational interventions, patient monitoring, outcomes data collection and reporting and much more are all made possible through this unique platform.


Centric Health Resources is the exclusive provider of the PROLASTIN DIRECT® program for patients with alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency in the United States. We are proud to care for the largest identified group of patients with alpha-1 in the U.S. through this program.

Prolastin DIRECT

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Watch The Prolastin Direct Story