Health Management Services

Enhancing healthcare for patients, physicians, payers and manufacturers.

We believe patients with chronic illnesses require more than just clinical therapy – they deserve comprehensive treatment for every aspect of life. This includes medical treatments, work, relationships, family, stress and financial matters. By taking a patient-centered approach, patients, payers, manufacturers and physicians will also enjoy positive outcomes. Through an innovative health management approach, we help to optimize the effectiveness of the patient-physician relationship through a comprehensive system of educational and communication interventions, including:

Our educational and communication interventions are guided and supported by a Peer Health Coach (PHC). This coach is a patient exclusively trained to contact participants on a regular basis and deliver assessments (survey questions) that collect data specifically related to measure intended outcomes. The PHC delivers real-time non-medical interventions that include but are not limited to education, counseling and enhancing communications between patients, physicians and the care team. These interventions are designed to drive behavior change – more and better decisions by patients related to their health, such as nutrition, protocol adherence, regular health monitoring, recognizing and dealing with stress and the importance of addressing health issues.

The result of positive behavior benefits everyone involved in the patients care:

HealthConnect software is a key resource to our Health Management System, an exclusive proprietary data collection service. This system collects data for registries and/or to measure the impact of specified health interventions. This service and software is particularly powerful when combined with intake hub services, allowing patients in the registry, with their written permission, to participate in a health management program. This program not only establishes a registry – it can set the stage for the collection of robust patient data and other general patient population outcomes data.