Hemophilia Treatment Programs (340B)

Supporting the needs of Hemophilia Treatment Centers.

Centric Health Resources provides contract pharmacy services for Hemophilia Treatment Centers. These centers are designated as covered entities under the provisions of the Veteran’s Health Act of 1992. Through this legislation, centers are permitted to distribute clotting factor on an outpatient basis to their hemophilia patients. They may utilize a contract pharmacy to provide these specialized services.

As a specialty pharmacy with health management programs, Centric is ideally positioned to work with these centers. We specialize in developing programs customized to meet their specific requirements. From distribution-only models, to comprehensive management services that include pricing, billing, reimbursement and outreach support. Centric develops a business plan to ensure the center’s success in meeting their patient needs.

Below is a summary of the support services offered by Centric Health Resources for the establishment and expansion of a 340B hemophilia treatment center program:

Regulatory Support Services:

Market Analysis Support Services:

Marketing Support Services:

Payer Strategy and Regulatory Support:

Operations Support to include but not limited to:

Centric also offers on-going consultative support regarding operations changes and enhancements, including:

Contracted Pharmacy Services:

Billing and Collections:

Additional services:

For more information or to request a confidential review of your current program, please contact us at: inquiry@dlss.com, call 636-519-2400 or use our online form.