Ultra Orphan & Specialty Pharmacy

A proven remedy to enhance patient care – and cost-control.

We’re dedicated to effectively managing high-cost drug therapies unique to small, underserved patient populations living with rare chronic disorders. Leveraging the powerful benefits of advanced technologies and softwares enables us to quickly and proactively address the demands of our unique patient-centered health management service model. Patients with ultra-orphan diseases are typically in need of flexible, high-touch healthcare applications, often on a daily basis. Well-designed and accessible technology applications are a necessity to provide this high level of care. In addition, our pharmacy technology meets the specific requirements of strategic manufacturing partners in the pharmaceutical and biotech communities. To ensure patient safety, safeguards are in place for drug storage and dispensing.

Our specialty pharmacy is solely focused on orphan disorders and offers patient-specific health management services. Patients and their families benefit from our individualized guidance, coaching and empowered self-care. Plus, this specialty pharmacy is designed to effectively handle the complex requirements of orphan and ultra-orphan therapies, which often require refrigeration, special handling, high-touch options and the flexibility to meet the specific requirements of manufacturers.

Centric Health Resources clients also enjoy the benefits of:


Within the ultra-orphan environment, distribution models are typically impacted because of the small market size. Centric Health Resources has the experience, resources and proven direct distribution model to help you cost-effectively deliver your products to ultra-orphan patients.

We can help you create a detailed distribution plan based on your needs and our complete logistical capabilities. For example, warehouse facilities should be compliant to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), featuring a pharmacy facility that is fully equipped and has the skill to inventory and distribute low-volume, ultra-orphan products. An integrated model reduces the costs associated with managing multiple vendors, reduces the risk of service breakdowns resulting from fragmented coordination among partners and provides channel integrity by reducing the risk of counterfeiting or diversion.

To successfully execute the distribution phases of a product, we can help manufacturers achieve the following steps: